Missy Scott
Missy Scott

50 Day Sobriety Challenge!

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Are you starting to question your reasons for drinking alcohol or consuming another substance that is starting to feel like it is taking over your life?

Do you HATE waking up with a hangover?

How amazing would it feel to wake up every morning with a clear head and positive outlook on your life?

Well, my friend, if this resonates, this challenge is for you!

What’s up with this challenge?

Are you ready to join an amazing community of like minded people who are ready to get out of their own way and take control of their lives without substances holding them back??

We will be hanging out together for 50-days of sobriety to reset our bodies and our lives with healthy good vibes vs. negative low vibes that alcohol/drugs provides.

What you’ll get:

  • A series of emails from moi with journal prompts, video vlogs

  • Following me, Missy, on IG @missymscott for daily inspiration via posts and LIVE videos.

  • Join the Healing Sobriety Facebook group to hear from Missy, once per week, at least and be part of an amazing community of like minded people wanting to heal themself through sobriety.

This challenge is for your if:

  • You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired (bc of the hangover)

  • You hate the way your skin feels after you drink

  • You’ve pissed off people and disappointed yourself (maybe a few times) during stints of drinking

  • Having “just one” sounds like a nightmare

  • You’re ready to make a lasting change that not only effects your drinking habit, but also changes your life for the better!


Who am I?

Hi friends, I’m Missy, your sobriety warrior! I have been playing around with sobriety from alcohol for about a year, questioning my drinking, why I do it, how it makes me feel and deciding what I wanted to do about it. I had a drinking stint in early February 2019 that pushed me over the edge and made me say, hell no! I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I do too much good for my body (vegan, no soda, yoga, meditation etc.) to go boozing it up every weekend, to waking up feeling like shit, realizing that I have to get stuff done but not wanting to do it. I would swear off booze , to then go out and buy my favorite IPA at the store the next weekend.

I became exhausted!

I don’t want to be dependent on anything like that. So I said fuck it and gave it up. I realized that sobriety can be lonely, which is why I wanted to create the community that I long for, so that I have the strength and power to continue on this journey WITH YOU!

I’m sure if you’ve read this far, you’re longing for this community too because maybe your friends and family don’t get why you’d want to be sober. Maybe they don’t agree with your thought process to get there because giving up booze for them causes fear and anxiety to bubble up deep within and instead of leaning in to those feelings (as I’m sure is what you’re looking to do) they crack that beer open and start again.

Are you going to join me??