Different Definitions of Success

Different Definitions of Success

S U C C E S S - What does it look like and how do you know when you get there?

This blog post, is an amazing source for journaling material. Set your journaling mood - if you’re not a journaler, maybe chat about these questions with a close friend or loved one and sit with these questions for a moment.

Suggestions for setting the mood:

  • Light a candle

  • Smudge your home (or light incense)

  • Put on some light music (right now, I’m really into binaural beats on YouTube)

  • Get out your favorite journal or your notes app and be ready to honestly dig into your answers to the questions

  • I find it’s nice to take a deep breath before answering the questions and then writing the first thing that comes to mind.

Take a deep breath - maybe set a timer to meditate for a few minutes (5 - 10 minutes should be good) and really sit with the questions below, then answer them honestly in your journal. Your intention can be to be present during your journaling process and to really realize and resonate with what success looks like for you.

  • Success can look different for everyone, so I want to challenge you to really meditate on what success looks like for you?

  • When you have success, or successful events, how do you feel?

  • How do you know you're successful in the moment?

  • Are there feelings that surround your successful moment?

  • Do you share these moments with anyone? Are they celebrated?

I think many of us say things like, "I'll be successful when I have x number of clients" or "when I have Y job title, I’ll consider myself successful" or "when I'm making $10k/mo, $20k/mo, 50k/mo I'll be successful." Have you ever gotten to a place like this? Like, when you say I'll be happy or I'll be successful when I do x, then you do that thing and you're not satisfied? Or maybe you’re happy for a hot minute and then you’re wondering what the next thing is without pausing to really appreciate the milestone that you just had.

I’ve totally been there…

How can we be more satisfied in our lives? In the state of our lives that we're in RIGHT NOW?

How can you be present to what is, rather than what will be?

Looking to the future can be super sexy (and powerful at times, if you like to looking into what your life could look like if you had x) but it can sometimes take away today's joy. I know I've been there, too.

I was practicing breathwork meditation today and I kept finding myself thinking about my next session or past sessions and the depth at which I was able to get within the practice rather than just being in the practice. I have been practicing this so much that it was easy for me to bring it back to the breath but I know that this mirrors how I am in my every day life. I’m always looking for the next thing, what’s happening next rather than being happy with the present moment.

My breathwork teach said, and I can totally relate, that when we’re at work, we often think about the vacations that we have coming up rather than fully being on that vacation. We need to be the same on vacation as we are during our work. Why do we show up differently? Why can’t we be satisfied with where we are right now? Just being where we are, isn’t how our society works presently. We’re all taught to be present but I think it is rare that this actually happens.

How do you know that you’re in the present moment?

For me, I know I’m in the present moment when I’m fully focused on the thing that I’m doing. I’m really in my computer right now, letting these words spill on the page. When I’m not fully here, I am scrolling on my Instagram account, checking my email and literally doing anything else but writing my post or finishing my website or whatever task I’m procrastinating. I’m working through this as I work with my clients as well. How can I be fully in it with them? When I find myself thinking about other things, I immediately come back to being there with them. If I notice that I missed something, I tell them because I think being honest is best.

Success to me, right now, in my own practice is being present with the now, without worrying, or fantasizing or dreaming about upcoming fun events. I want to be here now. In writing this post. In snuggling Xena who's on my right hand side and Zoey on my left. In being fully present in conversations with Josh, colleagues, clients and anyone I have interactions with. I want people to know that they are valuable and they are heard. I am being grateful for all that has been today. It has been a wonderful day and I'm so grateful.

What does success look like for you, right now? Journal about how you're going to celebrate that success when you get there? Meditate on that during this today. Write your thoughts in the comments below and let’s continue the conversation.