Melissa Scott

Do You even “like” Social Media?

Melissa Scott
Do You even “like” Social Media?

Week two - Social Media Detox.

Do you even “like” social media?

This is a question that I asked myself this morning as I was doing my meditation, angel card pulling and journaling. I practiced yoga this morning and the teacher of the class has a very large social media following (I’ve been following her since 2013) and at this moment, I have no idea what’s happening in her life. I haven’t watched her stories, listened to her podcast or seen anything that’s going on in her life for the last two weeks.

And Guess What???

I’m totally fine with not knowing. I thought about her and what she’s doing for a hot second and I let that shit go.

What value is knowing what’s going on in her life bringing to my life?

What benefit, joy, pleasure, am I getting from scrolling, liking, following people I don’t even know? A bit of inspiration? Perhaps, but I can get inspiration from Audio Books, podcasts and reading articles from email lists that I’ve subscribed to.

Is scrolling, looking, posting, reposting, sharing my whole life, taking up time in MY life to look at highlights of someone else’s life really fulfilling me?

Does this constant content overload really bringing me joy?

If you haven’t pondered these questions about your own usage of Social Media, I challenge you to do so over the next couple of days and really think about why you’re using Social Media.

Are you connecting to friends and family, selling for your biz, bring inspiration to others, connecting to really build genuine connections vs just selling stuff to all people who will take messages from you. What’s the goal?

Defining the WHY

Having a healthy relationship with Social Media means working on it with intention rather than the mindless scramble we all find ourselves in every so often.

Right now - what is your relationship with social media? Be really honest with yourself on this one.

Take a few minutes, journal or meditate on this and then come back to the rest of the blog. (or keep reading, but answer this one later. It’s a goody!).

What was surprising?

What was obvious that maybe you didn’t consider?

I’m in the process of redefining my WHY for every aspect of my biz. From exactly what is my biz, who am I serving to who I want to connect with to how I’m going to use Social Media moving forward, if I’m going to continue to use it.

I’ve heard from other biz thought leaders that this is a constant practice to define your why. I’m not talking about goals here, I’m talking about mission, vision and the reasons that you’ve decided to go into the type of work that you do.

How are you leveraging your different social media channels?

What are your goals/why/mission for each separate one? (They will likely be different)

Even if you use your social media for strictly personal reasons, you might use different channels for different aspects of your life. I’ve been almost exclusively using instagram for my biz and facebook for joining groups of entrepreneurial women to crowd source different ideas that I have for my biz. I haven’t posted personally on facebook, besides my announcement that I was going to get off of Social Media since the beginning of 2018.

If you’re not an entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur, I think defining why you’re using certain social media channels can help you cultivate a healthier relationship to those channels.

Deciding that it is time for a break

One of the main reasons that I decided to take a break from Social Media is to really reconnect to myself. I have some validation over the last couple of days that I’d love to share!

My hubs and I go to therapy every other week for our own mental health and relationship stability. We’ve been doing this since about a year before we got married, so it has been a good two years we’ve been seeing the same therapist.

When I walked into the office on Monday, my therapist said, “You look like a totally different person than the person who walked into my office two weeks ago!”

A few weeks ago, I was a mess. I was getting mad at Josh. I might have been having a tough time at work. I really can’t remember the specifics but within that therapy session, I broke down. I rode home with nothing on the radio, I didn’t call anyone. I just sat in the silence and tried to digest what happened in the room.

I realized that I never take a break from listening to something or not being stimulated by an outside source. I would find myself comparing myself to the people who look oh so happy all the fucking time, on Instagram instead of the low place that I’m working through.

I realized (and wrote about this in depth in my last post) that I haven’t been away from social media for 15 years. I heard on a podcast that the average American will watch 15 years worth of TV in their life by the time they hit age 60. FIFTEEN YEARS of just sitting in front of the TV. Think about all of the other amazing things we can be doing with our time instead of sitting behind a device. I bet that number, rather than being for TV, will be for the amount of content we consume online for for millennials (of which, I am one) and Gen Z. I also would bet that the number of years we’re spending on our devices, will be higher than 15 years by the time we’re 60 years old.