Turning Fear & Overwhelm into Action

Turning Fear & Overwhelm into Action

I’m a classic over thinker. Every time I have an idea I just think about it, over and over. Sometimes I talk about it over and over and nothing gets done.

I’m all in my head about most things and it gets freaking exhausting!

What do we do to combat this? I’ve been reading this book by Mel Robbins called, Take Control of Your Life. Throughout the book she takes you through case studies or coaching calls with her and a client about the fear or anxiety in their life that holds them back. She also has an extensive workbook on her website that you can download for FREE and answer the questions from the book.

The first coaching session is about over thinking. I so totally relate to this. My overthinking gets so bad that often, no action is taken toward the goal that I’m working on.

Right now, I was working on the workbook and she asked, “Is your small brick small enough to work on right now?” The challenge is to make sure that your goals are small, bite sized so that you’re able to work on them when you have a short amount of time.

The goals

I had a goal at the beginning of 2019 to write a blog every week. This goal did not happen this whole year. Things always got in the way. Thinking about how I can do it and just thinking and thinking and thinking about it, “How am I going to think of topics? Some weeks it is easy, other weeks, I can’t think of anything.” This feels like a lot of pressure to put on myself. I said I would draft 5 blog posts a week to schedule them out over time and that just feels really overwhelming and does really make me itchy.

I wanted to go LIVE on Instagram every day in April. I think I got about two days in and then didn’t do it. It became a fun sucker kind of a task for me instead of a pleasing, joy filled task. I kept hearing doubts creep into my mind like, “why would people want to hear from me anyway? Does anyone care what’s going on in my life right now? Do people even watch this?” Now, I’m not a social media user who consistently checks analytics to see how my posts are doing nor to I obsess over followers who just follow for the follow back and then unfollow. I could care less who does that because it is not about me at that point, it is about them.

Write an email every week to my email list. I did not follow through on this one either but holy smokes would I spend time curating my instagram feed for hours and hours because that’s how I’m going to get clients, that’s how I’m going to get connections to opt into my email list is by posting on Social Media. But really, I think that my posting on Social Media, all of this great content on to a platform that isn’t searchable. There are hashtags, certainly but it is not a search engine like Pinterest or Google or YouTube. Why is that where my effort is going? Why isn’t my effort on my email list or blogging or vlogging or podcasting or getting my message out somewhere else? Am I just being naive?

Moving towards…

I want to do what feels good to me. I want to work on things that make my soul cry out in joy that I get to work on this task.

For at least the next couple of months, I’m going to be off Instagram and Facebook. I might even take my LinkedIn app off my phone. I’m going to finish the Sobriety Challenge that I’m hosting within a Facebook Group and only log in to look at that group. If it becomes a struggle, I may take the app off my phone and only use the desktop version. Everything is still a work in progress on the “how” of it all. I just know that I use Social Media to disengage from how I’m feeling, to put off the work that I know I really want to be doing for my biz and for myself.

How are you working on being kinder, gentler, softer to yourself with your goals and dreams?

Are you taking time for yourself in the midst of the crazy happening all around you?

Have you stopped to really take inventory of YOUR likes and dislikes vs societal/parental conditioning?

What really truly makes you feel good?

I’m disconnecting from social media, even though all online biz owners say that you must have a presence on Instagram and Facebook to really work on these questions for myself and put a plan in action.

The fear and overwhelm that we have when working on something new whether it is creating an online biz or starting a new 9 - 5, we all have things that come up. Take your vacation time. Take your sick time. Take rest on the weekends.

Have days and weeks with nothing on the calendar and just be. Have you done that? It makes me really itchy. It is something that I’m really working on. To make a plan and try to stick to it without being so hard on myself in the process.