May Intentions - Going off the Grid- 2019

It is already a new month and time to reflect on last month and dig into the newness of this month.

How did April go?

My April Intentions were:

  • Lead a 50 Day Sobriety Challenge

  • Wake up at 5 AM every day

  • Go LIVE on IG every day

I’m proud to say that I accomplished 2 of those 3 intentions. I started leading a 50 Day Sobriety Challenge and I woke up every day (Monday-Friday) at 5 AM to practice yoga, journal, sip my coffee and enjoy a slow morning before I start my work day. I did not go LIVE on IG every single day. I feel so excited that I completed two of my three intentions. I’m choosing to celebrate my accomplishments of completing those two and the other one is a work in progress.

On to May

My hubs and I have been going to couples therapy for the last couple of years just for maintenance on our relationship and to work through our individual struggles to make sure that we’re being our best versions of success.

During our session this week, we were talking about the feelings that I get around wanting to work on myself and my own personal development and mindset work but feeling like there is so much going on around me and that I feel like I’m drowning trying to keep up with everything that “needs” to be done. I “have” to write a blog, I have to post on Social Media (every fucking day, and come up with something inspirational that aligns with my “brand” and business because I can’t get away from that because then people will be confused as to what I’m doing). I’M SICK OF IT! I feel constant pressure to do do do, still. Having no time to rest and relax and be with myself. I make excuses to NOT do my breathwork, to not be with myself and be still, no time to find the silence within because I have to plan my social media.

Is this the means that I use to hide from myself? By constantly “getting inspired” on Social Media? By sharing parts of my day with everyone but not feeling fulfilled while doing it? By posting to keep up my account and trying to force followers onto myself and then just have them unfollow because they’re trying to do the same thing. I’ve had enough. Social Media can be so good for so many things and I’m struggling to find my place. So for now, I’m shutting it down. I’m going to still have my accounts, but I’m not going to be active. Once I have more clarity, I’ll add to my bio and maybe a picture here or there. Undecided.

For now, I’ll be on here, on the blog and writing to my email list. If you haven’t signed up, scroll down to “Insider Tips” and sign up there. I’m excited to continue sharing with you all in a different way. Maybe once a week. Maybe not. I’m going to see what feels good and do more of that.

May Intentions:

  • Continue to wake up early and practice yoga, journal etc.

  • Get off of Social Media to regain a deep connection to myself

  • Be so present during our European Vacation!!!

  • Be amazing AF (alcohol FREE) 💜

What are you wanting to cultivate this month?

Take some time today, May 1, to sit with what you’re wanting. Maybe it is your own version of a social media detox, maybe it is something totally different. You do you this month! Email me and let me know! I can’t wait to hear from you. Let’s rock this month!!

I started writing this post yesterday and if I had stuck to those intentions, those thoughts, this post would have been SO different. It’s amazing what a good cry session in therapy and journaling this morning will bring out.