April Intentions - 2019

Every month, I like to sit down, with my notebook and favorite colored pen (bc why have only black, blue or red ink? yuck.) and list out what I’m looking to accomplish in the month ahead.

I’ve been thinking about this for the last week because I’ve been home sick, trying to rest and recuperate. I say “trying to rest” because rest hasn’t historically been in my vocabulary. I go through this whole story within my email that’s going to be sent out this week. Subscribe to my email list if you’d like those juicy deets and hear about other offerings first! ;) wink wink…

Here’s my list for April:

  • Lead a 50 day sobriety challenge

  • Get up at 5 AM every day

  • Go LIVE on IG every single day

Lead a 50 day sobriety challenge

I belong to an energy healing group (patreon.com/millanasnow) and within our Facebook Group, we’ve been doing a har meditation (Kunkalini practice of 7 minute meditation every day for 40 days with chanting and hand movements). During our LIVE har practice on 3/30, we started talking about sobriety and I mentioned that I was almost 50 days sober and Millana said she was around 30 days sober. I offered to lead the sobriety challenge. Every Sunday (2 PM PDT) & Thursday (7 PM PDT) I’ll be going live in the Facebook Group to share what’s been coming up for me and see what’s been coming up for everyone else within the group.

This is going to be something I’m going to lead again in the summer in my own Facebook group that will be coming soon!

Get up at 5 AM every day

I have scheduled time in the calendar to take better care of myself in the morning. I had been “lazy” this year in getting up at the latest possible time to get ready and get to work on time rather than really taking care of myself in the moment. I’ve missed my yoga practice, my journaling, sipping coffee etc. So, I’m recommitting to a good 20 - 30 minutes of either a yoga class from YouTube or my own flow that feels good in my body, pulling Angel Cards and journaling for 30 minutes, making coffee and sipping as I journal. Then getting ready for work leisurely and fully of a happy and mindful heart after all the work on myself in the morning.

I know that with this practice, I’ll show up better at work and for myself than I do when I rush through my mornings. We’re also going to be going on longer walks with the dogs at night starting this month leading into a more mindful and present evening practice as well.

Go LIVE on IG every day.

This is the one that makes me the most itchy - TBH. I hear from entrepreneurs, “Provide value, create content.” over and over and over again. I know that I need to do it. I know that I want to do it. I know that I CAN do this. I have the content in my head that is yearning to get onto the pages, onto the platform to be seen by you! I know I can do this. This might get built into my mornings. I’m talking short 2 - 3 minute videos with little snippets of wisdom that cross my path. I’ve been reading audio books and listening to thought provoking podcasts that I know this is going to be a winner!

Do you set intentions for the month? If so, what are you looking to cultivate for April? Spring is in the air, the flowers are starting to come out, how are you blooming anew?? Write a note in the comments!

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